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Why should I hire a birth photographer?

I know how it feels to be completely wrapped up in the moment during labor and often taking the time to photograph the process is the last thing on your mind. Much like a wedding, I am there for you from beginning to end to capture every detail of this unforgettable life event so you and your loved ones can enjoy all the little moments without worrying about missing the perfect “photo opp” – leave that up to me! Here are 5 Great Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer >>

How much does your birth photography services cost?

I am currently offering 2 birth photography packages, depending on the level of investment you want to make. Please check out my Pricing & Packages pages for the details of each of these offerings.

When should I book your services?

I typically say to book in your second trimester around 4-5 month along, but it’s never too early to reserve my services if you are newly expecting or too late to still see if I have availability if you are farther along!

How many births do you photograph a month?

I limit myself to 2-3 births a month to better ensure I will be present at each and every one, so be sure to book your due date with me as soon as you can!

When do you come to the birth and how long do you stay afterwards?

To capture many of the “firsts” throughout the day, I am present with you from when you are considered to be in active labor by your physician or midwife until 1-2 hours after your baby is born and I will come to your designated location, whether it be a hospital, birthing center or your own home.

Will my birth photographs be on your website?

I would love to put your photographs on my blog and marketing materials to help other expecting mothers understand what to expect from my birth photography services, but only if you are comfortable with the arrangement and give me permission to do so! If you wish to keep your photographs private, I completely respect your wishes. It is my goal to accommodate you anyway I can!

How do you guarantee you will be present at my delivery?

I was late with both of my children and my water broke in middle of the night each time, so I understand the unpredictability of labor. I reserve the time 38-42 weeks around your due date to be on-call and you can reach me by cell, texting or email any hour of the day. I do not schedule anything in this time frame that cannot be moved or rescheduled. If there is a special circumstance where you delivery early, I am usually very flexible and we will handle that on a per-situation basis!

Are there any days of the year that you are not on call?

Yes, I am NOT on call on my childrens’ birthdays, and these dates are March 13 and December 27. I am also not on call Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.

What if you photograph something that I’d rather not have recorded?

It is my goal to approach your delivery in the most respectful, tasteful manner possible and we will discuss in more detail at your in-person consultation what your expectations are from me and your comfort level. I am here to make your day everything you want it to be so if there are any photographs that make you uncomfortable or uneasy, I can easily delete all copies and originals of that file.

How do I book your birth photography services?

To start the booking process or find out more information, begin by contacting me and I will happily answer any questions or talk with you about your upcoming birth. To officially reserve my services, a non-refundable deposit of 20% of your package is due when you book and the balance is due in-full by your 36-week mark (payment plans are available!). I like to hold a consultation with both expecting mom and dad/partner/loved one around this time as well to go through my process at a birth, answer any lingering questions, get a good grasp on what you expecting and walk through your birthing plan. And it provides me a chance to meet you before the big day!

Do you offer gift certificates?

I do offer gift certificates in any amount for my birth photography services- please contact me for more information about purchasing one and it will be mailed to you free of charge!

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