5 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer

Hiring a birth photographer to be present for the labor and delivery of your upcoming baby may seem like a foreign concept for anyone who hasn’t heard of birth photography. In reality, this growing trend is the perfect way to capture one of the best and most important days of your life. Need more convincing? Read on, my friends…

5 Reasons to Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer:

  1. You are inevitably & undeniably pre-occupied. Child birth is no walk in the park, especially when you are the one doing all the work. As an outsider experiencing the birth with you, I see moments and photo opportunities that you may not, especially if you are in active labor.  Let me alleviate this small but important part of your day because I love details and I see little things that you will probably not have the time or capacity to.
  2. Babies grow tremendously fast. The “newborn” look of a baby does not last very long and babies grow and change every day, most noticeably in the beginning of their lives. Even at a couple of weeks old they begin losing the “newborn” look and it will forever be gone. What a better way to record one of the most precious times in your child’s life than with a professional photoshoot as soon as they are born!
  3. Editing photos can take forever. In the first few weeks at home with your newborn, you will most likely have little time to edit the hundreds of photos you take of your baby, let alone make it to a store to get them printed off and put into a album. I enjoy editing so leave that up to me! You will have your photographs back in 1-2 weeks and if you choose, a professionally-printed album and DVD slideshow won’t be too far behind!
  4. You are actually in the photographs. While I absolutely love what I do, being the eye behind the lens also means that I’m never actually in the photographs. Have a 3rd-party (me) there to take the photographs, every member of your family, including you, can be involved with your baby’s first precious moments without worrying about who is or isn’t in the photo.
  5. Your baby is like a wedding. It may sound strange, but couples will spend thousands on a professional photographer to capture “one of the best days of your life” – their wedding day. So why not have a professional there for one of the other best days of your life – the birth of your child! From experience, it will be one of the most unforgettable, momentous events you will experience and it only makes sense to have a professional there to photograph it from beginning to end!

If these compelling reasons to hire a birth photographer have you convinced, feel free to visit my birth photography Pricing & Packages for more details on what is included in my services or browse our birth photography Frequently Asked Questions for more information!
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