My Entrance into Birth Photography

cleveland birth photographerI had my first daughter almost 2 years ago and at the time, my water broke in the middle of the night. Being rookies at the whole baby-thing, my husband I rushed around the house like a couple of frenzied, crazy people. We were in such a hurry to get to the hospital and in that haste, I actually forgot my good Nikon camera.

Looking back through my daughter’s birth album after we got home from the hospital, I couldn’t believe it: from the 17-hour labor/delivery to the two days we spent in the hospital, guess how many photographs I have with my newborn daughter? One. One single picture of me smiling and holding my bundle of joy. And at the time, I was so caught up in everything (as I should have been) that I didn’t even realize it.

After so many emotions, pain, love, pushing, how could almost 3 days pass and I had just one picture with my daughter? I was the one doing all the work! I was the one in so much pain! I carried her for 9 months and took such precious care of her! And that’s all I got? I was so caught up in the events that I didn’t have the time to take proper photographs of one of the best days of my life.

I would love to get that time back and make sure someone was there for me to capture the exact moment I saw my daughter’s face, the tears running down my cheeks, my first embrace with her, kangaroo bonding time, our first feeding together – precious moments I can never get back but that are forever ingrained in my memory.

And I knew that’s what I want to do for other women. I want to capture unforgettable memories for them to forever cherish and keep. And I want their experience to be hassle-free, where they don’t have to worry about charging their camera, having a memory card ready to go, posing for a shot or getting all the right photos. They can simply be “in the moment,” enjoy the first precious moments with their newborn baby and know that their memories are taken care of.

Because I wish I had someone to do that for me.
International Association of Birth Photographers